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Our lives are so busy these days, it can be tough to find the time to give our pets the attention they need to live their best lives. That's where we can help! We aim to support you with those tasks that need to be done, to properly care for your dog, when you're not around to do them:


We offer individual dog walking, as well as our optional Not Your Average Dog Walk, Walk and Train Program. Don't have the time for additional obedience classes - and they can get expensive. No problem, we'll train your dog while we're walking them!  


Your dog needs their meds at a certain time, but you're not going to be home. Perhaps you just need and extra pair of hands with giving your dog their medication. We're here to help!


Need someone to check on an elderly dog? Pup just got spayed and can't be left alone? Perhaps your dog gets stressed when they're on their own for a while? Our home visits take away the anxiety of leaving your pup for longer periods.


Your dog has an appointment at the vet, but now you can't make it. No need to worry - just give us a call! We'll do it for you.


Want to bring a puppy into your family but don't know where to start?  We can help.

Breed Determination Based on your wants and needs we will help you decide which breed is best for your family.  We will research breeds and provide unbiased research information to help in your decision making.

Breeder Research  We will search for reputable breeders, arrange pre-puppy visits, etc.

With 35 years of dog training, ownership and breeding experience, and as a member of the Canadian Kennel Club for the last 20 years, we have the knowledge and the network to find reputable breeders and ask the hard questions that many find difficult to ask. 

In addition, our knowledge helps you wade through the murky world of Health Clearances, Registration and making sure you are getting a healthy puppy. If you're finding the puppy purchase process intimidating, call us, we will do it for you! 

Preparing For Puppy To Come Home and the Reality of Dog Ownership

Buying a crate; buying the right toys; nutrition; setting up a feeding, exercise and houstraining schedule. Finding a Vet. The first night. Socialization. There's a lot to preparing for your new pup, but help is on hand! 



Jayne & Finn

Jill is the best! She is passionate and knowledgable about dogs, in equal measure, so I know by boy is in the best hands when I'm not around. Finn loves her.

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